FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

• What are the causes of Toilet Crisis?

Beliefs – for example, there are countries that still believe that where you defecate must be away from civilization, thus making the people go far away from their homes just to defecate.
Financial Incapacity – some families find it hard to spend money for toilet because it is rather expensive. They believe that it is important to buy food rather than purchase a toilet of their own.
 Lack of Space – families who are living in an over-populated area don’t have enough space to build their own toilet.

• What are the effects of Toilet Crisis?

Diseases - these diseases are also known as excreta related, since the pathogen are derived from fecal matter. This may enter the mouth via contaminated drinking water, but can equally come from dirty hands, unwashed raw food, utensils, or smears on clothes. An example of this is diarrhea which is the second most common cost of deaths in over 2.6 billion of people world-wide.  

 Water Crisis/Contaminated Water- if water gets dominated by fecal matter it can lead to wide-spread contamination of water that we literally use every second of our lives.

 Unhealthy Environment- if human waste are contaminating our marine water therefore it can probably kill our main source of food.

• Why there are people who don't want to build toilets?

There are people who don't want to build toilet because they still believe in the traditional way of defecating that is far away from civilization. With these they tend to excrete anywhere.